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WK:PA is a fan-made series

Prehistory Rewritten Edit

The team was exploring the badlands of Montana, Chris was looking for more fossils for his collection, primarily the fossils of dinosaurs. They had begun to dig, but then Jimmy found strange tracks in the dirt, tire tracks unlike anything anyone has seen. They followed the tracks to a mysterious ship, like the Tortuga but larger and more high tech. The front door opened and a man walked out, an elderly looking man dressed for exploration and a cane in his hand. His name was Dr. Goodman, he was looking for the Wild Kratts, he could help them explore amazing species. The team entered his ship, the Archelon, and inside was some of the most advanced technology ever seen. Dr. Goodman was a scientist from the future, he built a time machine to search for the Wild Kratts to help him explore a great species, the dinosaurs. The team was impressed and agreed to help him explore, next stop: the cretaceous. Goodman showed them his time machine, it was fuelled by natural energy and allowed them to travel forward and backward in time. They traveled to the future to see the doctor's lab, Aviva was shocked. The future was more eco-friendly, the world was safe from man kind's pollution, at least most of it. They soon found a statue of themselves, they would be remembered in the future as the greatest explorers in history. Dr. Goodman told them that they were ready to see the dinosaurs, except for one problem. Dr. Goodman's archenemy, Dr. Fossil, had arrived to spoil their plans, he was going to break the time machine using his amber powered heart. He had overpowered the time machine and the team was trapped in the future. But Fossil wasn't done yet, he also took the plans for the time machine to make his own. Luckily for the team, Dr. Goodman was able to repair the machine with just a few small parts replaced, they could travel through time again. The team entered to wormhole and saw the world change, mountains fell, jungles rose and lava flows went backwards. They had soon made it to the time of the dinosaurs, they were ready to explore. Martin and Chris went to spy on a herd of triceratops, while Aviva and Koki went to explore a herd of hadrosaurs. Jimmy stayed behind to help Dr. Goodman with tech, most of it was so simple, even a chimpanzee could use. The doctor told them of an important plan he had, he wanted to rescue the dinosaurs from extinction by keeping them in a park he had built. Chris and Martin thought that these animals should have another chance. Aviva and Koki thought that it was dangerous for mankind and dinosaurs too meet up, who knows how the animals could react. Doc had planned for it, all they needed were a few of each species to test how the animals react. Suddenly, Doc Fossil came in, he had plans to save the dinosaurs to, but to use them to rule the world. Fossil was the direct descendant of Zach Varmitech, he was going to let the Varmitech family rule history. The team couldn't allow that, so they needed to prepare for anything the mad doctor could throw at them. Now, the race is on to save the dinosaurs from extinction and Fossil and the team was ready for a whole new prehistoric adventure.

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