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Calling All Cryptids Edit

Chris is following some unknown tracks in the North American woodlands, when he is interrupted by a phone call from Martin. Martin was wondering why Chris was at the Tortuga eating breakfast with the others, he said he was looking for the maker of the tracks. He soon found his answer, a massive Sasquatch creature, but he wasn't the only one to find it. A stranger with advanced technology was monitoring the beast until he saw Chris and went after him. Chris ran as fast as he could back to base and told everyone what he saw, but everyone thought it was just a tall tale he made up. Suddenly, the Sasquatch came and tried to grab Chris for discovering him, this was enough proof for the team. The stranger managed to stop the Sasquatch just by thinking and started to explain himself. His name was Jack Fang, a cryptozoologist that studies the rarest species on Earth and keeps them hidden for their and everyone else's protection. Chris thought that everyone should know about the existence of mythological creatures. Aviva saw the importance of hiding such special creatures and offered her help and ingenuity. Jack was pleased to find someone who understands what he needs to do is importance. He invites them to his place of operations, an massive airship where he holds on to gear, patients and personal items. He shows them the amount of species that he's helped around the world and the team is most impressed. He asks them if they want to join him, he could use the aid and company, but they needed to keep this as an ultimate secret. Everyone agreed, except Chris, who still thought it would be better to tell the public. Suddenly, the ship was under attack by zachbots, Zach Varmitech wanted the info onboard the ship. Jack activated the defences, but Zach amped up his robots for combat. Martin managed to find some weapons to attack the drones, which he managed to do with great success. Chris now saw that if people like Zach got their hands on information on mythological species, it could cause great harm to the species. Chris would keep it a secret and once they managed to shake off the zachbots. The team was now part of a group of cryptozoological experts to protect the secret species of the planet and learn about them, they were now the Secret Kratts.

Loch Ness Mix-Up Edit

The team was working on their own projects, Aviva was making new power suits from the data she collected, Koki study some mystic plants and Jimmy was trying out the gaming system on ship. Martin and Chris were trying to figure out which cryptid creature to explore first. Suddenly, an alarm went off, Jimmy said it wasn't his fault, then Jack said they had a problem. A friend in Scotland was sending a call for help, Chris and Martin thought of only one cryptid species in Scotland: the Loch Ness Monster. They soared off to the land of scot to find the world's last plesiosaur. They reached Project Pisces, one of Jack's projects to protect monsters around the planet. They saw that someone was here, looking for something, they saw that this had Zach written all over it, since there were his footprints. Jack thought if someone got his hands on Nick, since Nessie is actually a male, it could me trouble for aquatic warfare. Aviva showed the gang the mini sub she was working with and thought now was the best time to use it. They climbed aboard and sank to the deepest depths of the loch, the deeper they went, the creepier it got. They soon reached Nick's deepest depths and outside were the wrecks of Zachbots. They entered an underwater cave, a perfect hiding place for a big monster like Nick. Inside, they found massive footprints belonging to an amphibious reptile, they followed it deeper until they entered a massive cavern opening. They saw Nick fighting off Zachbots with Varmitech nearby, he was going to try something nasty. He fired a gun at Nick's ear and it started to control him then he took him away to his ship. The team was too late, then Martin heard something, he slid down to find a nest filled with strange eggs. Eventually, another Loch Ness Monster came from the water, a female named Lisa who was the mother of the eggs and Nick's mate. Jack managed to calm Lisa down and Martin activated Loch Ness Monster powers with an idea to use it. Meanwhile, Zach was outfitting Nick with battle armour to sell him to the highest bidder. Suddenly, he got a report of another monster seen in the loch, he decided two monsters were better than one. But when he got there he saw it was a trick by Martin to allow Chris to get into the ship as a peregrine falcon. Chris managed to get the mind control device out of Nick's ear, but then the beast thrashed and howled. Suddenly, Lisa rose form the depths and leaped right onto the ship, reuniting with Nick. Nick shook off the armour and retreated to the depths, but Lisa got snared by some Zachbots. Nick saw what happened and did something incredible, he summoned a water sphere and blasted it from his mouth like a geyser. Lisa was free and dove back, Martin and Chris, who now activated LNM powers, warned Zach if he tried something like this again, they would feed him to the loch ness monster babies. Zach runaway scared and team felt this was a successful mission. They returned to the deepwater cave and saw that they finished just in time to see the eggs hatch. They returned to ship knowing that Zach would never attack another cryptic creature again.

Man-Ape at the Top of the World Edit

The team receive an alarm from one of Jack's friends, up in the himalayas, the abominable snowman AKA Yeti was in danger. The team prepared their cold-weather and mountain exploration gear and headed off to the top of the world. Jack mentioned that going to the top of Mt. Everest was dangerous, do to lack of atmosphere, so he gave them special oxygen tanks. They started at the bottom, where they met Rupert Chill, an expert/fanatic of the abominable snowman. He brought them to his complex, where he showed them that the yetis had started disappearing one at a time over a matter of days. The Kratts were curious at how a species population could diminish over a period of days. Rupert brought them to the cave of one of the yetis he was hiding, but there were only two young ones and no parent. Aviva found some tracks and the team followed them into a deep ravine. Jack saw that the adult yetis were looking for food, when they ran into the ravine and set off some traps, from whom, no one knows. Jimmy was able to find a tranquilizer dart with a strange marking and showed it to Jack. Jack saw that the mark belonged to Sgt. Hunter Buckminster, a big game hunter who seeks the rarest animals on the planet. Martin and Chris thought hunting for sport was stupid, as did the rest of the team. Jack was able to sniff out an unknown trail that lead down the mountain to a mysterious temple, maybe this is where the yetis were. As they entered, a group of monks welcomed them and asked what they were doing this high up the mountain. Jack said they were seeking yetis to protect them, the monks told them of a stranger carrying sleeping yetis down the mountain. That was Sgt Buckminster, they requested they get help from the monks, but they couldn't. However, they granted them someone who can help, Omis the Yeti King. He picked up the team and jumped down the mountain towards a camp belonging to Sgt Buckminster. The yetis were caged up and in chains, they needed a plan in order to take down the sergeant and free the yetis. Aviva granted the brothers yeti power discs which they activated using Omis's DNA, never had they felt so strong. They used these suits and Omis to create a distraction and get a majority of the men away from the camp. Aviva and Koki picked the locks and let out the yetis, while Jimmy and Rupert locked up the remaining men. All the yetis were free, but instead of returning home, they charged to go and help Omis, he is their king. Martin and Chris managed to take down most of the men, but trigged a cage trap, set by the sergeant. He didn't suspect that these green and blue yetis were the Kratts, so he would keep them as his personal hunting targets to perfect his skills. Then, Omis and his fellow yetis banded together and summoned a massive snowstorm. The storm blew the sergeant back down to the bottom of the mountain and the cold weakened the cages, freeing the brothers. The team returned all yetis back to their homes and headed back to Rupert's complex. He insisted that they stay and warm up before heading back home, they accepted the offer. Aviva and Koki were hoping that their next adventure would be in a nice warm location.

Howl at the Moon Edit

The team were enjoying some quiet time when an alarm went off, something strange was happening in Romania. Sightings of large wolves around the city of Transylvania, the symptoms Jack discovered could only mean one species: werewolves. Jimmy went into hiding at the mention of the word, he had seen every monster movie made and knows how they all ended. Martin was excited to explore some real monsters, but Chris was prepared in case these beasts were too much. As they took off, Koki saw that Aviva was a little too happy to go monster hunting, she wasn't. She believed that this could allow her to find the bold hero of the books she reads in private, Koki was impressed. The team landed their ship near the last sighting and asked the locals about what they knew. Jack went through some study and found some tools to help: silver daggers, a bottle of wolfsbane and a secret weapon. The team were able to make a map and figured out where the werewolf's den must be. Just to make sure, they would wait for nightfall, find a wolf and tag it with a tracking device to see where it goes before sunrise. Later that night, Chris was able to find a wolf, a huge one, but it got away before he could tag it. The dog ran off, but Martin managed to jump on it's back and snuck the tracker in it's fur. But then, he slipped and cut himself on one of its fangs as it was trying to grab him in it's jaws. It ran off into the woods, Chris went to check on Martin, the scratch wasn't major, but they returned to the ship and got it patched up to avoid infection. The girls tried to pinpoint the wolf's location while Jimmy and Chris were monitoring Martin. Jack was keeping a close eye on Martin, those who are bitten and left to live by the werewolf will soon be one with the pack. Once the sun came up, the girls saw the tracker hadn't move for at least an hour, they had found the den. The team was ready, but Jack told Martin that he needed to stay here for his own safety. He was put in a cage with silver bars, so even if he turned into a werewolf, he couldn't escape. The team moved through the woods and found the remains of an old farm that hadn't been used in years. The grounds around it were surrounded by normal wolves, they must enhance size under moonlight. They crept around the big dogs and searched inside the barn, nothing inside except a pile of animal bones, no doubt the pack's previous meals. They soon found out that this was just the pack's home, the alpha must live somewhere else. It soon grew late, but the team had found the right spot for a werewolf, a den on a mountain facing west to avoid the rising sun. Soon, the moon came up and so did the alpha werewolf, it was bigger than expected. As he came out, he let out a howl that shook the mountain and called in his forces. The team was going to stop him, but Aviva couldn't create werwolf powers, she didn't secure a DNA sample. Jack kept the werewolf on the mountain while Jimmy, Koki and Chris used the wolfsbane and silver to ward off the other wolves. The alpha sent Jack flying and attacked Aviva, but then something incredible happened. Martin jumped from out of nowhere and attacked the alpha, the team was curious on how this was possible. It seemed that Martin wasn't completely bitten, therefore, he was only partly cursed, wielding werewolf powers as well as his own free will. He seemed to be immune to werewolf weaknesses, so he would slay the beast. Jack gave him a silver dagger and pushed it through the monster dogs chest, slaying the beast and freeing him from the curse. The team saw the wolves had returned to their original form and returned to the forest, not to harm the locals. The team felt that things would return to normal for the people of Transylvania. On the ship, Aviva thanked Martin for saving her and returned to her story knowing that there will always be a brave and bold heroes when she needs one.

Four Fangs of Blood Edit

The team was ready to get out of Transylvania after finishing their werewolf mission, but things went downhill when the ship started breaking down. Jimmy managed to land the ship safely in a forest clearing and Jack went to go and see what the problem was. It seemed the ship had lost its power core, Jack suspected it was Martin when he went werewolf, but Martin said he didn't go near it. Aviva saw that the core gave off a certain energy signature, which she could track. It seemed that the only source of equal power was located inside an old and creepy castle up on the hills. Jack thought it looked familiar, but the gang didn't care much, they just wanted to get out of here as fast as possible. Once they reached the castle, Jack saw how strange it was for the front pointing west, away from the rising sun. As they entered, the door opened by itself and a strange black mist came out, Jimmy's spine started rattling. Jack soon remembered who owns this castle, Count Vladimir Dracula the vampire king. The Kratts laughed, thinking Jack believed in the man who says "I want to suck your blood" all the time. Jack said that Dracula is real since his great great great grandfather fought Dracula in the very castle they were standing in and won. The team didn't believe it, so Jack proved it by leading the team to Dracula's chamber. Inside was the tomb of Dracula, where the king of vampires rested in peace for well over a hundred years. Martin and Chris wanted real proof, so they opened up the tomb, only to find it empty, except for some dust bunnies. Jack was confused, but then saw a set of footprints on the other side, Dracula must have come back to life and walked out. The team needed to get out, but they found the door was locked, they were trapped and worse, the sun was going down. Once the sun went away, a dark and evil chill spread over the team. Dracula appeared at the top of the staircase, he had come back to seek the blood of the man who defeated so many years ago. Jack was ready for a monster like him, garlic gas grenades, wooden arrows, holy cross, the whole shebang. Jack charged at the king of darkness, but he disappeared into the shadows. Chris decided that they needed to split up to find Dracula, Jack said that was stupid, Dracula knew this castle like the back of his hand and his best strategy is thinning the herd, picking them off one by one. The team divided into three groups, Jack went with Aviva east, Martin took Koki north and Jimmy searched with Chris south. Martin managed to get a glimpse of Dracula and he and Koki charged after him, but it was a decoy, Dracula snatched Koki and disappeared. Martin prepared a silver dagger, but he dropped in a swarm of bats and was grabbed by Dracula. Chris and Jimmy found a library filled with magic books, Jimmy grabbed one about vampire magic. Suddenly, Chris heard an echo from Koki, but as he found her, she was a vampire. She grabbed Chris and chomped on his neck, he quickly became a vampire and the two along with Martin chased after Jimmy. Jimmy ran as fast as his legs could take him, he got some extra time ahead with the help of a gas grenade. He found Jack and Aviva and told him what happened and the book found, Jack found Dracula's one weakness within the book. All they need was to wait until sunrise and get Dracula outside, so he can burn in the sunlight. But that was hard after Dracula grabbed Jimmy and sent Martin, Chris and Koki after Aviva and Jack. Jack managed to get him and Aviva away from the vampire Kratts, but they were stuck in the dungeon below the castle. Aviva's scanner went crazy and she found out why, the power core that was stolen from the ship was down there with them, this gave Aviva an idea. She rigged the power core to act as a UV light emitter, same stuff that causes sunburn. The two made it outside, where they found the team and Dracula standing in their way. Dracula wanted Jack's blood, but Jack said the only way to get it was to come and get it. Dracula grabbed Jack a flew to the top of the castle and bit Jack's neck, but got a mouth full of gaseous liquid nitrogen. Aviva was surrounded by the team, but then she used the UV emitter and fried the vampire virus out of the gang. The sun came up and Dracula needed to get back inside, but Jack kept a strong grip and wouldn't let go until Dracula was fried. Dracula was soon incinerated and his ashes were blown with the wind. Jack was happy that the threat of Dracula was finally gone and they had their power core back as a bonus. They soon got out of Transylvania and went off looking for other monsters to help, ones that won't change them into mindless slaves.

El Chupacabra Fiesta Edit

Aviva had just received an invitation from some cousins in Mexico, she was invited to celebrate Dia de las Muertos, Mexican version of Halloween. She wanted to bring the team with her since this was a day of family and they were part of her family. They packed up and were ready to see some global celebration, but Jack thought something was up. He read reports about small unknown creatures attacking the local area in packs, he knew what these were, chupacabras. They made it into the hometown of Aviva's family, where they saw she had a really big family. They were welcomed with open arms and full plates of food, Jimmy managed to clean those plates. The team noticed that there weren't a lot of people around town do to the creatures roaming around, this was worrying for business. Suddenly, a wind storm kicked in, the team and family went inside, Aviva's cousin Roberto told them what had been happening. A pack of small creatures resembling chupacabras had been creeping around. Small, dog-like creatures had been appearing from nowhere and attacking people, destroying structures. Jack was curious about these actions, it wasn't regular cryptic behaviour, so he went to study and find a way to protect them. Later that night, Martin and Chris had trouble trying to sleep with the thought of those creatures. Then, an eerie growling got the guys jumping out of bed and ran straight out the door in fear. Koki and Jimmy found them stuck up on a roof, they brought them down, but Aviva and Jack weren't around. Aviva was found in her room with a pair of strange eyes, but when they got in, Aviva woke up and showed them it was her CD player. With all this talk about chupacabras, she thought some music could calm her down, guess it got to everyone. Jack came in and found some tracks, they were the prints of real chupacabras. The day of the dead came and everyone headed to the cemetery to commune with their ancestors. The team saw that Aviva's family was a lot bigger, she had a lot of people to commune with, eventually things went nuts. The spirits of Aviva's family told them to leave this place or the chupacabras would lay waste to the town. Jack found a mysterious light and found a man dressed as a skeleton was controlling the spirits. Jack unmasked him and found it was Zach Varmitech, he was controlling the spirits so he could get the land rich in resources. Suddenly, the chupacabras came, but Jack was ready for them with an EMP device. He managed to shut them down, they weren't actually chupacabras, they were robots Zach made to scare everyone. He managed to escape, but not without getting whacked from Aviva's grandmother. Everyone was relieved to know the threat had passed and continued their party, even Jimmy was having a good time without the little monsters. Suddenly, Jack found something in the bushes, a lone little chupacabra, he placed it into a safe crate and placed him with the other lost cryptic creatures. He didn't want the team to know he was keeping lone crypt ids on board for their own safety.

Luck at the End of the Rainbow Edit

Maze of the Minotaur Edit

The Varmitech Experiment Edit

Thunderbird Fricasse Edit

Wendigo Winter Wonderland Edit

On Your Marks, Get Set, SCREAM Edit

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