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WK:ER is a fan-made series

Fear the Wrath of the King Edit

The bros are arguing over what species they should explore next, meanwhile, Koki reads a report about a strange giant ape roaming the forests of Africa. They decided to see what kind of ape this was, it could be a completely new species. They flew over the Congo and saw no signs of the massive ape, until they reached a clearing and found giant footprints. It was seen to be the tracks of an bipedal ape, Chris and Martin went to track down what made them. They soon found a massive hole running deep into a cliff edge and they decided to see how low this hole would go. They traveled a long way down and saw that the cave lead down into a deep cavern, miles below the surface of the earth. They tried to communicate with the Tortuga, but they were too deep for a signal to get through. Eventually, the whole Tortuga came floating down when the team lost radio contact with the bros. They saw a massive cave, filled with many strange plants and animals that seemed completely prehistoric. Aviva soon found markings that resembled ancient civilization, like hieroglyphics, so there must be humans around. They followed the trail of the massive ape till they found a massive temple, big enough to hold the whole population of New York City. Inside were more markings, many containing the image of a large ape. Martin decided to call this Kaiju Kong, after the giant monster movies he watched. Eventually, they saw the real Kaiju Kong, a massive, brown haired, black skinned ape that walked upright, it was the true king of the apes. It stared down at the team, then it picked up Aviva gently and smiled, it seemed that he liked her. Suddenly, a large boom happened and Kaiju rose from his throne to find the source with Aviva on his shoulder. The explosion had come from above, a team had come to extract Kaiju and take him away to some laboratory. The team returned to the surface and explained to the team what was going on, but then they got a nasty surprise. Zach was in charge of these robotic soldiers, he wanted Kaiju so he could tech him up and sell him to the military. Kaiju had some from the cave and charged off to avoid the troops, but none of their darts could penetrate his thick hide. Zach soon released his secret weapon, a giant mechanical ape built to take down Kaiju. The fight was tough and shook the entire jungle, but just when Zach was winning, Kaiju did something amazing. A strange energy came from within his heart and he became supercharged, powerful enough to take down Zach's UltraKong robot. Zach was soon running away, Kaiju returned to the team thought that this was incredible. It was seen that Kaiju was some kind of hyper evolved species, how he became this way is a mystery to the team. They decided to stick around with Kaiju and see if he could help in the fight against other villains. Kaiju was happy to be part of the Wild Kratts team and to have a friend like Aviva. But what the team didn't now was Kaiju wasn't the only hyper evolved species on Earth, things were going to get tough for the team and their new giant friend.

A Rival is Born Edit

Aviva was working with Kaiju, trying to make him special battle armour to battle other large monsters as well as sampling his evolved DNA. Koki and Jimmy made an emergency hotline, in case anyone in the world saw some kind of giant monster. Martin and Chris were getting themselves ready for another giant monster, they were given special gear, thanks to Aviva. Suddenly, an alarm went off, some Wild Kratts kids in Hong Kong said that some massive lizard was terrorizing the nearby harbour. The team packed up and were ready, except for one problem, they didn't have anyway of transporting Kaiju. Aviva was able to make a harness that could allow the Tortuga to pick him up. They hooked up Kaiju and blasted off to Hong Kong, but when they got to the latest attack zone, there was no lizard. They saw that the lizard was in the water, it was some kind of monitor lizard with spikes down its back. Martin named this new beast Dracozilla since Godzilla was already taken by another giant lizard. Kaiju was deployed and he kept Dracozilla in the water, but then the reptile swam off into the sea. Before he submerged, Jimmy darted him with a tracking device, so they could find out where he was hiding out. Kaiju wanted to go after Draco, but he couldn't get into the water, apes aren't built for swimming, no matter how big. Koki was able to trace Jimmy's tracker to a small island a few miles off the coast, it must have been nesting there and using the harbour as a hunting ground. As they arrived, they only found a set of massive footprints. It was strange the a beast that size could disappear so quietly, until Chris tripped on the answer. He landed in a massive hole the Draco dug up, it seemed he was a burrowing lizard. Kaiju couldn't fit, so he decided to bring Draco to him by stomping around and making lots of noise, it was shocking since it actually worked. The giants clashed, Draco was getting the upper hand, until Aviva deployed the new armour she made for him. He was able to withstand Draco's claws and his high-energy fire breath. Kaiju gave one mean sucker punch in Draco's noise, leading to the final KO, Kaiju won, but it seemed to be a short victory. Dracozilla managed to give off a tail sweep and started swimming out to sea, the team couldn't find him since his digging knocked off the tracker. The team let this one be the one that got away and waited for their rematch. Meanwhile, Zach managed to snatch Dracozilla from the sea, he had plans to use him as his own monster weapon. But what nobody knew was the eggs Draco was hiding in the hole, surrounded by fish to feed the newborns. As they hatched, they were ready to find their mother/father and take vengeance on those who harmed their family.

Living in a Land Down Underwater Edit

The team received a message from WK kid Kenny in Australia, he said something about ships being taken down by whirlpools with tentacles. The team thought that it was bizarre for a whirlpool to have tentacles, much less take ships so close to land. They packed their gear, called in Kaiju and headed to the land down under to solve this underwater mystery. Once they arrived, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, people playing at the beach, ships sailing and no whirlpools. Suddenly, a massive cluster of tentacles came from below and grabbed the Tortuga. Kaiju managed to get the team free and cut off one of the tentacles for Aviva to it and see what they were dealing with. It seemed that the tentacle belonged to some species of squid, but it was contaminated with hazardous chemicals. After gathering the clues and facts, it seemed this squid was only catching ships with fish and using this area as a hunting ground. They needed to catch this squid before it started feasting on something else, like people. They needed to go under, but they could only fight the squid underwater, but Kaiju never learned to swim. Aviva was able to make a turbine and oxygen mask that would allow Kaiju to move and fight underwater. They submerged deep below until they found a deep cave, a perfect home for a massive squid, Martin decided to call this beast the Aquasquid. Suddenly, Aquasquid came out, but it seemed he didn't notice the team or Kaiju. He created a massive whirlpool from his jet propulsion tube, he snatched a cargo of ship with his tentacles and returned to the cave. The team decided to confront the squid inside the cave. Kaiju was unable to fit inside, so the team went inside to see if they could flush the squid out and let Kaiju do his thing. The team saw that the squid was fascinated with shining objects like other octopuses and squids. Aviva activated a sonic blast to draw out Aquasquid, but as he exited and bumped into Kaiju, he inked. But his ink wasn't ink, it was very think like oil, but it was hard to move, so they used their manta riders to push them out easier. Outside, they saw Kaiju was having trouble trying to fight in the ooze, so they would give him a hand. They lifted him up and blasted an electric eel charge into the ooze, stunning Aquasquid. They managed to carry him off to their holding zone, a tiny island in the south pacific, away from mankind, Aviva named it Isla de Monstrous, island of monsters. They placed him in the reef, hoping he would stay there, so long as the fish stayed high in numbers. They saw that if their were going to be monsters everywhere, they needed to be ready.

Rock 'em, Sock 'em and ShellShock 'em Edit

Chris and Martin were practicing their baseball skills with Kaiju when an alarm went off. Koki was reading reports about a giant terrapin in Nevada. Jimmy thought that heading to vegas would be a wondrous experience, but they were only going for the turtle. They arrived in Viva Las Vegas and saw that they needed to keep the turtle away from the city. Martin and Chris went on horseback into the desert with Kaiju to find any trail leading to the turtle. They traveled foursome time until they stumbled upon a large ditch, it looked as if someone dug it with a bulldozer. They followed the ditch to a big hole, large enough to swallow a train, but out came the shellback express. It was the titan of tortoises, so Martin named this monster Toratitus, it seemed to have trouble determining which way was which. Kaiju tried to figure out what this beast was, but it caused Toratitus to head into his shell. It seemed Toratitus's shell was stronger than most material, even steel, nothing could crack that shell. Suddenly, Toratitus entered his shell and started rolling around, he was like a bowling ball in a big pinball machine. He soon started rolling towards Las Vegas, if he reached the city, it would flatten everything without knowing. Kaiju charged off, hammer in hand, but he could stop the over sized soup flavour from rolling. They needed a way to stop him, but that seemed impossible from the outside, so they needed a way to do it from inside. They returned to the Tortuga and told the team, Aviva had something that just might work. It was a sonic emitter that produced a sound at such a high frequency, it could give a blue whale a headache. They needed to get to his head, but they also needed to keep Kaiju back so he didn't get an earful. Toratitus had made it into the city, but luckily he wasn't rolling in, he was just stomping every car and construct flat. Martin grabbed the emitter and swung down on top of Kaiju, to tell him to keep Toratitus still then move at his signal. Kaiju held big T in place, allowing Martin to crawl on the turtle's head and slid down the back of his neck. He signalled Kaiju and fired up the emitter, it screamed right in the earholes, driving the prehistoric punk mad. Kaiju scooped Toratitus from below, threw him into the air and landed him on his back. This seemed to be his weakness, on his feet, he could easily control his rolling, but on his back, he's like a ropy poly armadillo. The Tortuga snatched up Toratitus and sent him to Isla de Monstrous, he had a safe little spot where no one would bother him. The team felt proud and they found Jimmy was still enjoying the Vegas life in the corner.

Song of the Phantom Bat Edit

The team was enjoying some quiet time until Jimmy Z started blasting his new rock and roll playbook on the speakers. Everyone asked him to turn it down, except Kaiju who seemed to be rocking along to it, but the majority rules made Jimmy turn it down. He lowered the volume enough for the team to hear the alarm go off, another evolved monster was attacking. Apparently, some kind of giant figure soaring over Paris, France followed by a shrill screaming. The bros were able to figure out that the figure was that of a large bat, but it was curious about how a bat could grow that big. They traveled to Paris, Koki seemed excited because she's always wanted to see the city of lights, as well as other famous cities. They arrived to Paris, but saw that nothing was wrong, everything was calm. Suddenly, a shadow loomed over the city and than came the loud scream, all the windows broke and car alarms went off. Suddenly, a massive bat came down, clearing out cars and other stuff, searching for something. Kaiju came in and grabbed the big winged rodent, but it shot a scream right in his ears. Kaiju's heard the ringing of a hundred bells, it drove him mad and he retreated and the bat took off to continue it's search. The team needed a way to take down the bat, Martin nicknamed Chiraptorox. Aviva scanned a piece of skin that was torn off when Kaiju grabbed him, apparently the beast was able to produce a sonic scream just by opening its mouth. She also found that the wings seemed to have some kind edging on them, like that of a blade. The team saw that they needed to keep Chiraptorox on the ground, so they had to get Kaiju in the air. Aviva had the solution, she constructed a jetpack out of parts similar to the tortuga's engines, allowing Kaiju to fly. They placed it on Kaiju after he got the ringing out of his ears and the bros taught him how to fly with the help of falcon powers. They saw that Kaiju was about to get another shot at Chiraptorox. Kaiju soared through the air and brought down the big bad bat, but it screamed again, luckily Kaiju was equipped with ear plugs. He brought Chiraptorox into the eiffel tower, the winged beat was trapped and couldn't open his wings. He screamed to the top of his lungs, but the sound resinated inside the tower and shot back at him, knocking him unconscious. They dragged the bat off to Isla de Monstrous, but Jimmy was still curious at what that bat was looking for. The team went back and tried to figure out what it wanted, but found nothing. As they headed for home, Aviva found something strange, a canister of unknown chemicals, she kept it secret to figure out of this was causing the monsters.

Let's Kick It Edit

Claws of Fury Edit

No Need To Be So Crabby Edit

Running of the Bees Edit

Back with a Vengeance Edit

Of Rats and Kratts Edit

Shocked, I'm Sure Edit

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick Edit

King of the Nile Edit

Let The Battle Begin Edit

Hail to the Horn Edit

Now You See Me, Now You Don't Edit

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