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To Infinity and Beyond Edit

Chris, Martin and the gang are laying on top of the Tortuga, gazing up at the stars. Chris asks the guys if they think there's life out there, Jimmy Z prefers not to know. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and the team race inside to figure out what's going on. Koki pulls up a report of some kind of meteor heading to Earth, its crash site is right into the Atlantic ocean. Martin wants to go see, but then they receive a distress signal, its coming from the meteor. The team set out to see why a meteor would be sending out a distress signal. They make it to the meteor and Aviva turns on her new high powered tractor beam, it pulls the meteor up and she releases it in shallower water. Martin activates giant squid powers and hauls up the meteor, but once they clean it up, they see its actually a kind of alien ship. Jimmy peeks into the glass, but is then scared off when something inside tries to break out. The bros open it and a strange human-like being crawls out gasping for air. Once he feels better, he tells the team his name is Alixmar. He says that he was travelling to Earth to study its species, but was blasted out of the sky by another unknown ship. Aviva offered to help fix the ship and Alixmar, nicknamed Alex was happy to accept it. The next day, Alex prepares his ship to take off and return home, but the others want to learn from him. Alex wanted to learn about them as well, so he had an idea, he would make them his new crew to explore other life forms across the universe. He modified the Tortuga with space exploration and FTL technology. He set a course for his home world, Animarius, and they blasted off into the far depths of space where no human has ever gone before. After they leave Earth, the bros have fun with the zero gravity until Koki turns on the artificial gravity. After about half a hour of space travel, they saw the green planet of Animarius. As they landed, they saw how diverse the planet was, it was like Earth, but it was much more healthy without any air or water pollution. Alex let them explore his home while he prepared gear and equipment to help the team explore. Eventually, they were ready to blast off again to another planet with new life forms and possibly some amazing intergalactic creatures. Chris and Martin were so excited to blast off and see what the animal kingdom was like in outer space.

Survival of the Strongest Edit

The bros are trying to prove who is strongest by having an arm wrestling contest, but its seen that they are evenly matched. Alex decides that to prove who is strongest by sending everyone to a planet where everyone is at war with each other, mostly for the fun of it. The Tortuga is soon in sight of Argon, a planet where only the strongest of beings survive. As they land, they enter a massive, red desert, next to a thick lush jungle, Alex hopes the ship will stay in one piece here. They soon march to a nearby city, but they are soon blocked by a pair of guards. Alex showed them a badge and they let the team walk right in, Martin thought he could use one of those badges. The team see that the city is filled with aliens of different kinds, but the main group are the locals, the Argonites. Alex says that Argonites are big, red, strong aliens with big arms for defence, smaller arms for modern work, four eyes to see above and below them and feet that can grip trees and stone like extra hands. Suddenly, a massive horn blows and everyone starts charging in the same direction, the gang was confused, except for Alex. He tells them that the horn means a battle is going to start and the team wanted to see this for themselves. A pair of great Argonite warriors who will be battling against brutal and savage beasts picked up from the forest. Aviva decided to make Argonite creature power suits as she watched the battle. Eventually, once she finished, the bros used them and activated their first alien creature power suits. This would help them blend in easier since Aviva decided to make them red. Eventually, Koki decided to sneak off and see what she could find as a souvenir. She soon finds other local creatures, Bulkhorn Rhinoceroses: big, red rhinos with four small horns, one big horn, strong legs for charging and powerful senses of hearing and smell. She tells Aviva what she found and she got to work on a Bulkhorn creature power suit. Suddenly, a strange velociraptor-like alien by the name Ronrok was starting to cause trouble, so Martin decided to stop him. Ronrok was able to take him down easily, so Chris tried and was taken down even easier. Alex attacked and was able to send Ronrok running, Alex warned the brothers that this was a dangerous world and should always stay safe. Ronrok heads to the Bulkhorn pens, he shot his blaster behind them and they charged straight towards the team. Alex and the Kratts managed to coral the beasts back to their pen, but one was missing, the emperor's son's pet, Charger. The team would follow the tracks and bring back the little Bulkhorn. Chris decided to activate Bulkhorn powers with the DNA of the Charger's mother to better get a hold on his scent. The team travel deep into the desert where, they find Charger stuck inside a hole. They use some rope to try and pull him out, but are attacked by Sand Reapers, giant snake-like creatures that travel through the sand like sharks, the Argonite's natural predator. Martin fights off the Reapers, but can't puncture their tough scales. Chris chargers at them, but his horn can't break the scales any better than his brother's fists. The team managed to get Charger out of the hole, but the brothers wanted to beat the Sand Reapers to prove who is strongest. Aviva thought that if they couldn't beat alone, than maybe they could do it together. Martin hopped onto Chris's back and they both charged forward towards the base, once they hit the reaper's under belly, it was pushed back. Martin yanked it out of it's hole and threw it far away. The others slithered off and the team returned Charger to his owner. Alex told the emperor and his son about how the brothers beat the Sand Reapers. The brothers were given medals of grand courage for beating the Argonite's natural predator. The team soon packed up and were ready to blast off again to another world. Martin put his medal into a souvenir box for safe keeping, believing this proved he was the strongest, but Chris said he was the strongest after their battle. Aviva and Koki thought this was going to take a very long time.

Out of the Volcano, Into the Lava Edit

Jimmy Z was cruising around the ship on his new overboard that Alex let him try out. Jimmy and the brothers wanted to see if they could master extraterrestrial extreme sports. Alex knew just the place where they can test their extreme skills. They headed towards the star-like planet called Infernerus, a planet made out of fire and where the locals do extreme sports daily. The girls activated the ships extreme heat protection and they landed on a safe ledge on top a dormant volcano. Chris and Martin wanted to head out and test their skills, but they were stopped by Alex. He said that this planet wasn't safe for humans, so they put on their special spacesuits that could withstand anything a planet could throw at them. They headed outside and saw that the whole place was made of lava, even the sky was like molten rock. They headed down to the town to meet the locals, the Vulcanosapiens. These beings are living miniature volcanos that control fire and test their skills with extreme sports to prove whose the hottest one around. A teenage Vulcanosapien named Scorch invited them to try it out, they accepted. They started out with a lava car race, first one to reach the other side of town was the winner. Alex was able to cheat by having Scorch as a GPS, but the team decided to let this slide and try out something else. Scorch thought if this wasn't enough, they should try lava surfing, lucky for them some of the best waves were coming up. Chris and Martin found this easy, but Koki and Jimmy had trouble staying on their boards. They soon fell in and saw the ocean was filled with cold lava, it acted like water to keep Vulcanosapiens fuelled and hydrated. Suddenly, a group of young Vulcanosapiens were flying over on massive flaming bird creatures called PyroPhoenixes. Aviva made power suits of both the Vulcanosapiens and the phoenixes, one for each brother. Martin activated phoenix powers since Chris got the animal species last time. They took to the air and saw how amazing the planet was from the air, but then things started going down hill. The ground started to shake and massive reptile monster came lumbering looking for food. It was called a SingeScale, a giant volcanic reptile that feasts on Vulcanosapiens and blast lava balls from their mouths. Martin stooped and blasted fire along with Chris to ward off the massive beast. The beast charged through the city, munching up anyone that got in it's path. Scorch got scooped up on the SingeScales foot and was taken out of town. The team wanted to go help their new fiery friend, but they needed something to beat the beast, since flames only made it angry. They were granted the sword of Obsidian, the only weapon that could defeat a SingeScale. They traveled to the beast's cave, it was asleep and Scorch was trying to keep his nerve and not to wake up the monster. Eventually, the SingeScale woke up and attacked the team. Jimmy Tried to use the sword, but it could only break the outer shell, the beast swung its tail and Jimmy lost the sword. Scorch grabbed the sword, launched himself into the air and jabbed the sword right into the giant's back. He summoned all the fire power from within and channelled it through the sword into the colossus. The heat started to weaken the floor until it cracked open and both Scorch and the SingeScale fell in. The team tried to look for Scorch and then, he erupted from the hole, he was grateful for his friends coming to his aid. They returned home and told the story to everyone, Scorch was honoured as a hero, but he gave that credit to the team. The team was given the sword as a show of thanks, the team felt very grateful for their gift. They returned to the stars to see what other extreme sports awaited them, but Jimmy Z wanted a break. He was sweating buckets of gross and was more than happy to wait for the next planet, unless it was an ice planet to help cool him down.

Catch Me If You Can Edit

The team was crossing through the cosmos and the bros were trading power suit discs, when an alarm went off. Koki saw that the alarm meant that the Tortuga was running out of power, luckily Alex knew of a planet that could resupply the ship's power cells. He managed to land the ship in one piece on the planet Quasaralia, a planet surrounded by high energy storms. They land in the city of Kinet, populated by Dromeosapiens, horse-like, bipedal reptiles that run at extreme speeds. Alex and Koki stayed on the ship to power it back up, while the others did some exploring. Aviva was able to get some material to make Dromeosapien power suits. Suddenly, a pack of cats came speeding through, they were VelociFelis, high-speed cheetah creatures that act like pets for the Dromeosapiens. Eventually, Aviva finished the suits and the bros activated them, then she got to work on VelociFelis power suits. But when the bros activated their suits, they saw they didn't have discs like the other adults. The discs were needed to be retrieved from a special cave that lets the lightning turn stones into the discs. They found a group of young Dromeosapiens that were heading off on a right of passage to earn their discs. The bros followed them, along with Aviva in a VelociFelis power suit, to keep an eye on them. They raced through canyons and jungles till they reached the cave and witnessed the creation of the discs, enough for everyone. They raced each other back home, but were interrupted by Dromeosapien predators called Whip Snaggers. Aviva used her claws to ward them off while the brothers got the others to safety. They return home and told everyone about their adventure. One young Dromeosapien offered Aviva a special helmet as a show of thanks. Aviva was happy to accept the gift and the team return to the ship to continue their adventures. Jimmy managed to collect a battery of the lightning, but he got a bit of a shock when he touched it. The gang thought it was funny until Jimmy started zapping the others with the static cling he got. This would take some time to wear off.

All That Glitters Edit

Aviva and Koki were organizing Aviva's collection of crystals and gemstones, when Alex came in and told them of a planet made of diamonds. They traveled to the planet called Crystalizar, a planet covered with some of the strongest stuff in the universe. They saw that the planet was surrounded by a tight asteroid belt, so they had to be careful where they were flying. Things got shaky when Jimmy wanted to drive, which he did, right into an asteroid. The wing was damaged and they had to make a crash landing, Alex managed to manoeuvre onto a clearing to prevent anyone getting hurt. Eventually, they put their suits on and tried to fix the damage Jimmy caused. Jimmy saw some people coming in from the distance, he thought maybe they could help them fix the ship. The people were Terrasapiens, beings made out of a very strong crystal similar to the stuff covering the planet. The people were happy to help, they even offered to forge some crystals to strength the hull to prevent it from damaging too much again. They transported the ship and the team to a nearby city, Aviva and Koki were amazed at the architecture of the place. Terrasapiens are masters of rock, using it in a number of ways. They were brought to the citadel to learn about this world, except Jimmy, who was told to wait in the ship. Jimmy felt neglected, so he snuck out and went to find something to make up for his mistake. He looked deeper and deeper until he slipped and started sliding through a massive maze of drops and slides, until he reached the end with a thump. That thump was louder than expected and when Jimmy looked up, he saw he wasn't alone. On the roof was a ScreechWing Chiropterax, a giant bat-like creature that projects sonic waves and eats Terrasapiens. Luckily, it was asleep, so Jimmy crept away from the ScreechWing as quietly as he could. Until, a small shard fell into a crack and woke up the beast, sending it soaring out of the cave. Jimmy rushed out and saw the beast attacking the city, the team found him and he confessed everything. The team was now more disappointed, but they would worry about him after they dealt with the new problem he brought. Alex said that the only way to beat a ScreechWing was with a sonic attack, but he didn't have any sonic weapons. Jimmy had an idea, he hooked his music player into the Tortuga's external speakers, this would be their sonic weapon. He cranked up the volume and it sent the ScreechWing deep into the caverns, but for safety concerns, the Terrasapiens sealed it up. Jimmy was forgiven by the team, he finally proved how useful he can be when motivated. The team was ready to leave in their newly reinforced ship. Before they left, a young Terrasapien offered Jimmy his hover board as a show of gratitude. Jimmy was happy to help and to get a real life hover board. On the ship, Jimmy gave a crystal he got in the caves to Aviva to add to her collection. The team was curious if Jimmy was going to stay this tough before they reached the next planet.

Ready to Roll Edit

Chris and Martin were bored out of there minds and were searching for something exciting to do and eventually, they found something. They found a planet that seemed to be a great place for the whole team to blow off a little steam. Alex read that the planet they found was Spheretopia, a planet of both hard work and business, as well as fun and games. They lowered down to the planet's surface and saw that it was much like Earth, only more green. They landed in the city, upon landing, they saw the inhabitants were turtle-like creatures called Testagerenters that travel by rolling in their shells. Alex's friend, Va Shinci, welcomed them with open arms and giant hugs. He showed them around the city, which reminded Jimmy of a giant hamster cage with hamster balls rolling on the streets. They saw that Testagerenters spent six days of their week with school and the other three were free time. Children studied and worked in class for hours a day, but when the bell goes off they have the chance to head out and enjoy the nice weather. Eventually, the school bells had rung and a stampede of Testagerenter children came charging towards the beach. Martin and Chris wanted to join in, but Va Shinci said that would be dangerous. His species are able to become living asteroids by crawling in their shells and jumping into the air, almost into space. Aviva managed collect a DNA sample from Va Shinci and used it to create Testagerenter power suits. Chris and Martin activated their suits and joined the beach party, making the Jimmy feel jealous. Aviva allowed him to borrow her suit and he activated Testagerenter powers. With this suit, he jumped high into the air and made the biggest cannonball splash he could, making a massive tidal wave. The girls saw the incoming wave, the bros started rolling back to shore to try and help anyone in the way. They managed to get everyone out of the wave's path, but it would soon smash into the city, causing massive destruction. They thought that it couldn't be stopped, but then something incredible happened. A massive whale creature called GigantoCetus emerged from the deep and broke the wave by smashing into it. Jimmy was seen on the back of the giant, he used the dolphin decoder to speak with the mighty beast and ask for its help. The team thought that was pretty smart and saw that dolphinese was a universal language. Va Shinci offered Jimmy a great gift, the shield of Custos, legend says that whoever wields it will become invincible with or without a shell. Jimmy was grateful for the gift and the team was grateful for the resupply of food and water. They continued their universal road trip to see what other awesome things they can do and and sweet gifts they could get for acts of greatness. Jimmy was curious if he could use the shield to survive space, but the team stopped him before he could kill himself.

Ready For An Upgrade Edit

The Tortuga was starting to get clunky, Alex thought they needed some important tech that could only be collected on Captiosus Alpha, a planet of intelligence. They made their way for a techno shopping spree, until one of the engines blew. They landed Captiosus Beta/Luna Mechinus, a life sustaining moon where metal and flesh are united as one. The team made a crash landing, everyone survived and stumbled outside to identify the damage. Nothing serious was found, except for the hole in the engine, so while Koki and Aviva patched the hole, Martin and Chris went to explore. Jimmy went inside to try and fix the damage inside caused from the crash, but something followed him. Martin and Chris were curious at how organic and technological material could be joined together. Chris discovered that the plant life was similar to Earth's but somehow had technological fluid flowing through it. The fluid came from the planet's core and seemed to fuel all the life on this planet allowing it to survive with or without the needs of organic lifeforms. They walked until they came across a strange city. It seemed abandoned, until mysterious globs of living circuitry came and attacked, suspecting they were trespassers. Martin and Chris explained what happened and the globs stood down and welcomed them properly to Luna Mechinus. The globs were Technomerges, beings of sentient technology created by a scientist from Captiosus Alpha. Back at the ship, the girls had finished patching up the hole when they heard Jimmy shout. They rushed inside and saw him being chased by a small Technomerge who kept saying BotBot. The bros were talking Technomerges when the girls called and told them about the little one chasing Jimmy. The bros needed to get back, so they were given motorcycles to help them speed to their ship in no time. Once they got there, the bikes changed into Technomerges who would offer their help in subduing the threat. The bros found the little Technomerge and were able to bag him, but he kept changing shape, it was trying to catch an eel in a bathtub. The Technomerges were able to speak with the little one and get some answers. BotBot said that he was taking a stroll and saw the Tortuga crash, he wanted to see if anyone was hurt. He saw the team step out and wanted to help, but then the girls brought some frightening tools. He waited for things to calm down and once the bros left to explore he followed Jimmy inside and tried to talk to him, he didn't me to scare him. The team was happy for his caution and forgave him for his accidental scare. He wanted to help them in their travels and he was welcomed aboard, Aviva wanted to study his techno-organic properties into a brand new power suit or maybe something revolutionary for Earth science. The team left to the planet below to retrieve the parts they needed and thanked the Technomerges for the adventure. BotBot was exploring the ship and merging with their tech, even Jimmy Z's controller, allowing him to control any tech wirelessly. The team thought that this new addition would make their adventures a whole lot more exciting.

Small, But Smart Edit

After blasting off from Luna Mechinus, the team eventually land on the main planet, Captiosus Alpha to retrieve the tech they needed. As they landed, they needed to watch their step so they didn't step on the locals, tiny yet highly intelligent reptile creatures called Cerebromigales. They managed to reach the main building, where they met up with Neuron, the smartest being in multiple galaxies. He was pleased to see his old friend Alex and was happy to offer some tech. As the team explored this alien tech, Neuron needed to speak with Alex in private. The team found tech that was beyond anything they had ever seen, hovering vehicles, tele porters and even genetic analyzers to examine the DNA of the universe. Suddenly, Chris found an entire hall filled with extinct beasts and predators. He saw that one of them was being examined by Technomerges, they said someone tampered with it. It was the fossil of the most successful Cerebromigale predator, a massive serpent called Venatoserpentes. Suddenly, a strange reptilian dog came from nowhere and it changed into a Venatoserpentes. Chris rushed out to warn the others while the snake attacked the Technomerges. The team needed help, so they activated their alien power suits, Martin used Argonite, Chris got Vulcanosapien and Aviva picked Dromeosapien. The snake slipped away and the bros went after it, but Aviva stayed behind to make something to help catch it. Martin managed to grab a hole of the snake, but then it changed into Beelzetaurus, a massive bull that eats Argonites. Martin could only hold it off for so long, but Chris came in for the save. But then the beast changed again, this time it was a LionFlamer, a big cat that hunts Vulcanosapiens. Aviva arrived to draw the beast into another room, once it got inside, it was trapped inside a cage that weakened it transforming powers. Neuron saw that the dog's powers came from a device locked inside it's collar. But as he tried to remove, a high-pitched whistling pounds everyones ears and breaks the cage, releasing the dog. It was uncertain where the dog came from or who it was working with, but the team needed to stay on their guard around this Kratt eating monster. The team saw the improvements to the ship and were ready for more adventures. Before they left, Neuron reminded Alex of the dangers coming and to make sure a certain piece of tech remains hidden. Alex insured his promise and left to join the others, who were trying out the new systems. BotBot was the most impressed since there was more stuff to try and upgrade on a larger scale then he usual goes for. The team were now ready for new found dangers coming their way. Alex was less sure as he went to his quarters to check out a hologram picture of his old family and a map to an extremely powerful weapon. He needed to keep these things a secret, even if it meant sacrificing his life to do so.

All Washed Up Edit

The team brought Martin to the bridge with a blindfold over his eyes, they had a special surprise. Once, they uncovered him, he was shocked at what he saw. A planet called Plezudon, it was mostly made up of water and homed aquatic creatures, perfect for a swimming lover like Martin. They landed on a large island close to the planet's equator, then they found something interesting. An offshore reef seemed to be made out of a material stronger the titanium. Martin called it Kraken Steel, after the mythological giant squid, it seemed to be able to withstand pressure from the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly, a strange creature jumped out of the ocean and started snatching up the Kraken Steel. Koki looked up the creature in the database and found it was a Hydrosapien, a cephalopod like creature with tough armour and control over water. Hydrosapiens collect Kraken Steel to help keep their armoured shells strong. They activated universal translators and talked to him, but his slang was hard to understand. It seemed that Hydrosapiens lived in a pirate community, every man for themselves and take what you need to survive. The team wanted to follow the the pirate named Captain Tsunamar to his civilization. He allowed them to board his vessel, the Pisces, and they traveled deep under the waves, deeper than back on Earth. Most of the sea life has been around for millions of years, some are still evolving into who knows what. They soon reached the floor, where they saw that it was like the pirate movies they watched back home. All seemed quite festive since they had just arrived for the migration of some of the most amazing ocean creatures in the galaxy. They feasted on all they could eat and chugged all they could chug before erupting with gas. They soon gathered towards the centre of the village and witnessed a wave of amazing creatures. Massive horned whales, literal sea horses, manta rays as that float like eagles and turtles that dance through the water. The team never witnessed something so amazing, then all of a sudden, a massive serpent charged through. It was a Tidal Serpent, a giant predatory sea snake with fins and can produce whirlpools to catch its prey. It started swallowing up some of the small Hydrosapiens and carried them away with the migrating species. The team needed to rescue them before they became breakfast for the Tidal Serpent. Aviva was able to whip up some Hydrosapien power suits, Tsunamar would join them since his son was also taken. They took the Pisces and trailed behind the migration, once they got close enough, they activated their suits and collected the young Hydrosapiens. But Tsunamar's son was still missing, Martin went to look for him alone. He hopped from creature to creature until he found Tsunamar's son holding onto a ocean stallion, one of the big seahorses. He managed to take control of the stallion and steered back to the ship. Tsunamar was relieved to have his son back and repaired the brothers with a supply of Kraken Steel to help them on their travels. The team was happy to see everyone back and were ready to continue their journey, but Martin needed to do something. He got a photo of Tsunamar and his son with their new pet stallion Aquarius as a reminder. The team took off for a new destination, Alex was pleased to see their surprise had lifted Martin's spirit, they would need it for the storm coming their way.

Don't Eat Those Vegetables Edit

What is That Smell? Edit

Call of the Wild Kratt Edit

Be Afraid of the Dark Edit

All You Can Eat Barffet Edit

Divide And Conquer Edit

Cry Hunger and Let Slip the Crocs of War Edit

Smash of the Titans Edit

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