Episode Number Title Main Location Featured Creature(s) Release Date
1 "Lost in the Outback" Australia Outback Animals April 30, 2017
2 "Weird and Wonderful" Australia Strange Australian Animals May 17, 2017
3 "And Dingo Was His Name-O" Australia Dingo May 31, 2017
4 "Wallaby Rescue" Australia Wallaby June 20, 2017
5 "Till the Sea Cows Come Home" Coast of Australia Dugong June 28, 2017
6 "Wild Kratt Island" Island in the Pacific Ocean Island Animals July 6, 2017
7 "Blue Whale of a Time" Atlantic Ocean Blue Whale July 10, 2017
8 "Bandy the Armadillo" Sonoran Desert Armadillo July 14, 2017
9 "Hoot Hoot" North America Great Horned Owl July 18, 2017
10 "Wild Dog Rescue" Great Plains Canids August 1, 2017
11 "Night Hoppers" Kalahari Desert Springhare August 4, 2017
12 "Galago Baby" Africa Galago August 6, 2017
13 "In the Anthill" Amazon Rainforest Ant
14 "River Dolphin" Amazon River River Dolphin
15 "Toucan Powers" Amazon Rainforest Toucan
16 "Weather Exaomlity" Amazon Rainforest Toucan  November 17, 2017

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