Caviva hug
Physical Information
Species Human
Personal Information
Family Martin Kratt (brother/brother-in-law) aviva koki jimmy charlie
Production Information
Debut chilling with the dingoes
Voice Actor athena karkanis

"but bros out there is a wild adventure"

Chris Kratt.

Caviva  Caviva is a fanon ship between Chris Kratt and Aviva. Despite many signs of it posibly being canon there is no further confimation from the show. Compared to its sister ship, Maviva, Caviva is less popluar among fans.


Some signs of Caviva thoughout Wild Kratts are;


Opossum in my Pocket

  • In Octopus Wildkratticus, Opossum in My Pocket, Race for The Hippo Disk, whenever Chris is around Aviva, he puffs his chest out like any man would do to show off to a girl.
  • In Opossum in My Pocket, Aviva lays her head on his shoulder, and looks at him with a face a girlfriend would give to her guy.
  • Also, again in Race for The Hippo Disk, Chris wraps his arm around her

    Race for the Hippo Disk

    sholder and is puffing his chest
  • Octopus Wildkratticus, he tells her that she was the only one who could do that. 
  • In Road Runner, Chris offers Aviva a ride.
  • In Tazzy Chris, Chris said he would never hurt her. Also in that episode Aviva gets very frantic when Chris starts to eat moldy pizza and jumps out of the Tortuga to deactivate him.
  • In The Amazing Creature Race, the two are on the same team. in chilling with the dingoes she offers martin some gift


im her sister to the creature rescue

Fanon ChildrenEdit

Kate Corcovado (adopted daughter) kim corcovado jim corcovado jack